CUBISMO '05-'06

Hrvoje „Cacique“ Rupčić – congas, vocal
Maximo Estupinan Hurtado – vocal
Davor Križić – trumpet
Nenad Grahovac – trombone, vocal
Alan Bošnjak - trombone
Mario Igrec – guitar
Mario Penton Hernandez – piano, vocal
Krešimir Tomec – bass guitar
Zdravko „Barba“ Tabain – drums, timbales
Mladen Ilić – bongosi

At the beginning of 2005, for the first time, a genuine Cuban –a pianist Mario Penton joins Cubismo as a permanent member. An extraordinary musician, who plays the drum, percussions and piano equally well, soon blended with the well-tuned band.
The first Cubismo's DVD, including the concert in Lisinski „ Amigos Live “, the documentary from Cuba „ Cubismo Turismo “ and all 14 music videos for the songs that the band made during its first 10 years of existence, was released.
The band is in the studio again preparing the new album which should be released in 2006.

The present line-up includes five members from the original 8 -members crew: Krešimir Tomec, Mario Igrec, Nenad Grahovac, Mladen Ilić and Hrvoje Rupčić