Hrvoje „Cacique“ Rupčić congas, vocal
Maximo Estupinan Hurtadovocal
Krešimir Tomecbass guitar, vocal
Nenad Grahovactrombone, vocal
Davor Križićtrumpet
Ramon Reberšak - trumpet
Alan Bošnjak - trombone
Mario Igrecguitar
Davor Dedićpiano
Zdravko „Barba“ Tabaindrums, timbales
Mladen Ilićbongos

At the end of 2003, Ricardo Luque, the first band's singer, left Cubismo. For a while the band was looking for a new singer and eventually found him in Padua , Italy .
Maximo Estupinan, a dark-skinned singer form Ecuador brought into the band great music experience, fresh blood and a modern approach to vocal interpretation. He feels passionately about Cubana, but also rap and other contemporary music styles. There were some additional changes in the band. A young jazz pianist from Osijek Davor Dedić replaced Günther Brück, and a trumpeter Tomica Rukljić was replaced by Ramon Reberšak.
Cubismo released its first compilation - „Amigos “, with all the music collaborations that appeared on its albums during the years. In May 2004, in Lisinski, Cubismo held their momentous concert called „ Amigos -Live “.
For the first time at the concert Cubismo featured all Croatian guests with whom it collaborated- Josipa Lisac, Gibonni, Bolesna Braća and Boško Petrovič; and Šaban Bajramović