CUBISMO '00 - '03

Hrvoje „Cacique“ Rupčić – conge, vocal
Ricardo Luque – vocal
Davor Križić – trumpet
Tomica Rukljić - trumpet
Nenad Grahovac – trombone, vocal
Alan Bošnjak - trombone
Mario Igrec – guitar, vocal
Günther Brück – piano, vocal
Krešimir Tomec – bass guitar, vocal
Zdravko „Barba“ Tabain – drums, timbales
Mladen Ilić – bongos

This was the “golden period” of Cuban music and Cubismo. The band signed the international discographic contract with the „Universal“ which opened the window of opportunities for a stronger breakthrough to the international market. The band had about 150 concerts per year and took in two more members. Since the album „Motivo Cubano“ was recorded with a bigger brass section than the one Cubismo had at the time, the band welcomed two new members, in order to achieve the same powerful sound when playing live as they did on CDs. A trumpeter Tomica Rukljič and a trombonist Alan Bošnjak started as the additional members, but soon they became full-time members of Cubismo. Apart from their arrival, the band once again changed a pianist. Zlatan Došlić is replaced by yet another foreigner, Günther Brück from Germany . As a piano teacher at the Jazz Academy in Graz and Cubana aficionado, he was a perfect choice for the vacated pianist spot.
In 2002 this line-up recorded the album „Junglesalsa“.