CUBISMO '98 - '00

 Hrvoje „Cacique“ Rupčić congas, vocal
Ricardo Luquevocal
Davor Križićtrumpet
Nenad Grahovac trombone, vocal
Mario Igrecguitar, vocal
Zlatan Došlić piano, vocal
Krešimir Tomecbass guitar, vocal
Zdravko „Barba“ Tabaindrums, timbales
Mladen Ilićbongos

Only a few months after the recording of the album „Viva la Habana“ the band suffered a horrible loss. Cubismo's drummer Jurica Ugrinović drowned while diving in the vicinity of Omiš. For a while Jurica was replaced by Berislav Puhlovski, and after him Zdravko Tabain took his place as Cubismo's drummer. He has been with the band till the present day. Not long after Jurica's tragic departure, a trumpeter Josip Grah left the band and was subsequently replaced by Davor Križić, who has also stayed with the band till today.
Cubismo signed its first international discographic contract with the Italian „Irma Records“. As a result Cubismo's CDs became available in shops around the globe and via internet.
The band recorded two albums in this line-up.
In '98 the Croatian Christmas songs album in Afro-Cuban style („ Alegrate mi pueblo “) was recorded, and in 2000, after months and months of preparations the band set off for Cuba where it recorded the legendary album „ Motivo Cubano “. The album featured numerous musicians from, at that time already universally famous, Buena Vista Social Club. The band had several concerts in Cuba and returned to Croatia filled with immeasurable experiences that further influenced Cubismo's sound. At the CD promotion, following their return from Cuba , audience was once again astonished by the new energy that Cubismo radiated.