CUBISMO '96 - '98

Hrvoje „Cacique“ Rupčić – congas, vocal
Ricardo Luque - vocal
Josip Grah – trumpet
Nenad Grahovac – trombone, vocal
Mario Igrec – guitar
Zlatan Došlić – piano, vocal
Krešimir Tomec – bass guitar, vocal
Jurica Ugrinović – drums
Mladen Ilić – bongos


In the fall '96, a singer Ricardo Luque joined the band. In this line-up, throughout three years, Cubismo played regularly in Zagreb's clubs „BP Club“ and „Hard Rock Caffe“, which were by far the most visited club evenings ever!!!
The band was characterized as the „club attraction“and became extremely wanted. Seeing that Cuban music was at that time fairly unknown in Croatia , critics portrayed the band as „progressive“, „new sound“etc., although it was basically Afro-Cuban music and Latin-jazz.
In this line-up Cubismo recorded the albums „Cubismo“ and „Viva la Havana “.