Mladen Hrvoje Ilic
bongos, percussion

He was born in Zagreb in 1975. Since the age of 13 he has been actively involved in music, playing saxophone in the school orchestra. At the age of 16 he starts playing drums in various bands. At the age of 19 he goes to Munich where he attends school for percussions "Pentaton" learning from famous musicians such as: Martin Verdonk (Prince, Santana, Super Congarila, Donna Summer, Lionel Richie...) lecturer at Rotterdam's Conservatorium", then, Bart Fermie lecturer at "Amsterdam Arts Academy", Nils Fischer (Nueva Manteca) "Rotterdams Conservatorium". When he returns to Croatia he starts playing music professionally. He is a permanent member of the group Cubismo. He works with a number of musicians: Ratko Vojtek, Croatian Radio Television (HRT) Big Band, Gabi Novak, Latin Fire (Matija Dedic, Davor Križic), Croatian Music Youth Big Band, Gibonni, Nina Badric, Ivana Kindl, Dino Dvornik, Songkillers, PsihomodoPop, Pips, Chips & VideoClips, Bolesna Braca, Kawasaki Trip, Luka Udjbinac, Valerija, Jura Stublic, Stampedo, Šo!mazgoon, Driving South, Kojoti, Baobab, Žak Houdek, Brain Holidays, Naturalna Mistika, Positivo, Romancero Gitano, Aqua Bronza, Gego,... playing live and as a studio musician. So far he has played on more than 20 albums.
He is taking it easy, enjoys life and loves.