Maximo Estupinan Hurtado

He was born on15th June 1972 in a small place Rocafuerte, in Esmeraldas Province , on the coast of Ecuador , where he came to love music and singing. In 1978, for the first time, he participates in the Traditional Ecuadorian Music Singing Competition (dances and songs Afro-andino). Owing to one competition, in 1988 he starts studying at »la Escuela de Bellas Artes«, in Esmeraldas Province . He spends two years studying at “Conservatorio de la Capital a Quito ”, and one year in Columbia where he works with the bands: “Zetamar”, “Candela”, “Chigualeros”, “Nemus” and “Gran Combo de Monte Rey”. In 1995 he receives a grant from the local authorities to record his first solo album. In 1997 he arrives in Italy where he continues his professional career as a Latino-American singer: salsa, merengue, bolero, son, and traditional music.

Up till now he has worked with:
TODA COSTA from 1997.
SALSABOR from 2002.
OCHO RIOS from 2002.
CROMA LATINA from 2003.
CUBISMO from 2003.

He records a new CD and DVD with the group Cubismo, where he discovers original ways of interpreting salsa and bolero, different music styles and temperaments. He plays various instruments in the percussion family such as conga, maracas, bongos, klave and guiro, and dances some traditional Latin- American dances.