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„ 10 YEARS OF CUBISMO“ - DVD (2005.)

For Cubismo's 10 th anniversary the band released their first DVD with loads of materials. To begin with, it included Cubismo's concert from concert hall “Lisinski” in 2004 which, for the first time, presented all guests who collaborated with Cubismo on their albums. The guests were: Šaban Bajramović, Gibonni, Josipa Lisac, Bolesna Braća and Boško Petrovič. The concert was also an opportunity for the band to introduce in Zagreb their new vocalist– Maximo Estupinan.
Additionally, the DVD included Cubismo's documentary film from Cuba , “Cubismo Turismo”, as well as all 14 videos for the songs that the band released in the first 10 years of its career.