„AMIGOS“ (2004)

  1. Geljan Dade
  2. Lagrimas Negras
  3. Ay mi Cuba
  4. Oriente
  5. Na na na na
  6. La magia
  7. Canto a Eleggua
  8. Tempera
  9. Đelem đelem
 10. St'Thomas
 11. Iya mi ile
 12. Las grinas
 13. Sigurd's garden


After 5 released albums it was time for the „Best of“album. However, nobody really expected Cubismo to make an “ordinary” “Best of” album.
Therefore, one Cubismo's CD gathered all collaborations, Croatian and international, that appeared on their previous albums.
But, to make sure nothing was „too ordinary“, they recorded two new songs, this time with the king of Balkan Gipsy music – Šaban Bajramović.
Šaban's „Geljan dade“(Father you have left), and the everlasting Gipsy composition „Đelem đelem“, performed in Cubana for the first time, became hit songs.