1. Iya mi ilé (Diosa de los rios)
  2. Junglesalsa
3. Bailando cha cha cha
4. Las grinas
  5. Pa mi gente con fe
  6. Comparsa
  7. Morenita
  8. La magia
  9. La apariencia peligrosa
 10. Canto a Eleggua
 11. Trioda
 12. Believin'
 13. Sjene


Two years after „Motivo Cubano“ album the band was in the studio again, but this time with a new mission. As much as „Motivo Cubano“ turned out to be the „classic“ Cubana album, that much was „Junglesalsa“ non-classical. The band set their imagination free and trying see to which limits can the term Cubana be stretched. Elecronic sounds, reggae, dub, jazz, rap, hip-hop any many other elements mixed with Cubana resulted in the album „Junglesalsa“.
A part of material was once again recorded in Cuba , and the rest in Mire Vidović's „Morris Studio“.
This time the band continued the line of collaborations with Croatian artists featuring the rap duo „Bolesna braća“in the song „Las grinas“.
Although the band included its own compositions on each of the preceding albums, this was the first Cubismo's album that contained solely their own songs.
„Junglesalsa“ is the album that brought Cubismo the majority of Porin Awards. At the same time it is the album that received most Porin Awards in the history of the Award –seven.