1. Ay mi Cuba
  2. Rumba para ella
  3. Témpera
  4. Lágrimas negras
  5. Cacique's mambo
  6. Bilongo
  7. Chan chan
  8. Sixtus
  9. Químbara
 10. Comprensión
 11. Days in Havana
 12. Tempera


The legendary Cubismo's CD, recorded partly in „Egrem“studio in Havana , and partly in Zagreb. For almost a month, a team of 13 people stayed in Cuba and recorded the album with the members of Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars.
Juan de Marcos Gonzales on tres (the Cuban guitar), vocalists Teresa Garcia and Caturla, Manuel „Puntillita“ Licea and Amadito Valdez on timbales, together with a number of less famous but top-quality Cuban musicians recorded five songs with Cubismo.
Cubismo was the first non-Cuban band that recorded in a studio with the members of BVSC after their around-the-world success. The remaining material was recorded after returning to Zagreb , with Nelson Hernadez as an arranger and producer. The album includes what is likely to be the biggest Cubismo's hit up to the present day - „Tempera“, which was recorded together with Gibboni.
So far the album has received the record number of nominations for the „Porin“Award- 13 nominations. Cubismo was awarded five.