„ALEGRATE MI PUEBLO“ / „Radujte se narodi“ (1999)

  1. Alegrate Mi Pueblo / Radujte se narodi
  2. Djetešce nam se rodilo
  3. Traigo Una Buenanueva / Veselje ti navješćujem
  4. En El Tiempo de Navidad / U to vrime godišta
  5. Ave Maria Morena
  6. Kyrie Eleison
  7. Radujte se narodi
  8. U to vrime godišta


„Alegrate mi pueblo/ Radujte se narodi“ was a kind of Cubismo's „in-between-project“.
The collection of Croatian Christmas songs, played in Afro-Cuban rhythm, certainly was something original in the vast Christmas CDs offer.
A guitarist Mario Ingrec produced the majority of arrangements and Ricardo Luque translated the texts into Spanish.
It was promoted on Christmas 1999, and it is still very popular and asked for.