1. Yumbambe
  2. Suenos
  3. Na na na na
  4. Tu Mi Delirio
  5. Groovin' High
  6. Oriente
  7. Definitivamente
  8. St' Thomas
  9. Summertime
 10. Samba Para Tres

A year later, Cubismo recorded its second album.
Since the word spread out that Cubismo radiated extraordinary energy on its concerts, they decided to transmit that energy to the CD, that is, record the „live“album. This was for many reasons an extremely important album for Cubismo. To start with, it included Cubismo's first hit song „Na na na na“, which was recorded with Josipa Lisac. Secondly, it opened the international market, in view of guest performers and distribution. To be exact, Cubismo started collaborating with world music stars. The most famous one was probably a singer Yolanda Duke, who, at the time „Viva la Habana“album was recorded, sang with Tito Puente. She came with the whole New York “entourage”. At her suggestion a percussionist Carlos Soto, who played timbales, and Nelson Hernandez-one of the best salsa arrangers and producers, arrived as well.
Nelson joined Cubismo two weeks prior to the concert, and when the whole thing was ended he mixed and produced the entire material in „Skylight“studio in New York . Cubismo had one more guest, an exceptional musician, a flautist and a big friend of the band - George Makinto, who was at the time a music director of the African music queen - Miriam Makeba's orchestra.
Not long after the CD had been released Cubismo signs its first international discographical contract with the Italian „Irma“Records, who, in addition to „Viva la Havana“ album also distributed Cubismo's first album.